Match 1 -The hellcats really have their claws out as Diana Knight, in a leopard bikini, takes on Akira Lane, dressed in a tiny tiger print. These supreme catfighters start their ring contest with a test of strength, where Diana’s size advantage really comes in handy. After quickly bringing the Asian alley cat to her knees, Diana softens her foe up a bit with some head rams to the turnbuckle. After Diana removes Akira’s top, Akira retaliates by grabbing Diana’s boobs. Diana thwarts Akira by using Akira’s bikini top as a noose, choking the Japanese girl as Diana gets back on her feet. Akira is then bounced of the ring ropes and set up for a painful surfboard stretch. Foolishly, Diana steps back to catch her breath, allowing Akira to marshal a retaliatory strike that stuns the buxom brunette. Akira even manages to use Diana’s torn off bikini top as a garrote, in a nice bit of karmic payback. Diana elbows out and the fight rages back and forth with punches, scissors, breast smothers and tough, limb-wrenching holds applied and endured by both battling babes. A final devastating uppercut ends the match quite conclusively.

Match 2Sinn Sage feels pretty confident as she takes on newcomer Ashley Steel in the DT ring. These evenly sized cuties get into it quickly as Sinn takes Ashley down to the canvas and splashes her body hard on top of her. Ashley counters with a schoolboy pin while tearing aside Sinn’s top and tormenting her opponent’s pert nipples. Ashley’s defiant victory dance is instantly halted by Sinn’s battery of body blows that sends the lean youngster staggering across the ring. Sinn and Ashley throw themselves into each other with little regard to science or discipline. They just want to inflict whatever damage they can to each other and, amid the flying limbs and splattered bodies, they do just that. These savage gamins stretch, pound, squeeze and choke one another with neither mercy nor letup. A tight leg scissors saps just enough fight out of one lithe lovely to set her up for a final choke-out finish.

Match 3Cheyenne Jewel makes her DT ring debut against big-busted beauty Christina Carter and there is definitely no love lost between these two competitors. Christina’s height advantage does her little good as Cheyenne immediately sends the bosomy babe on to her back. Christina reverses the pin and uses her ample upper assets to smother some of the fight out of her tyro opponent. However, Cheyenne may be new, but she ain’t no pushover. These hard-fighting spitfires dole out their respective fair shares of scissors, presses, chokes and throws. Christina’s attempt to demoralize Cheyenne by pulling of Cheyenne’s top, just stokes the fire of the newbie’s resolve, and soon Cheyenne manages to defrock her bountiful enemy as well. Topless bodies writhe and twist, tumble and fall, and stretch and strain as neither vicious vixen intends to surrender to the other. The only way this battle is going to end is in a decisive knockout—and, with a series of breathtaking chokes and a throat scissors, that ending finally comes to pass.


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