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Match 1 -Dressed in bras and jeans, Lisa Comshaw and JC Marie start their indoor competition with a finger-twining test of strength that has both girls gnashing their teeth from the strain. When this challenge proves inconclusive, they follow up with a lengthy, tight frontal bearhug that also culminates without definite winner. Another bearhug follows, their breasts crushed under the pressure of their steely embrace. A belly punch endurance contest follows with each babe taking her turn as puncher and punchee. Chest-to-chest squashes follow, then horizontal bearhugs with both girls lying on the floor. Removing their bras, JC and Lisa go for the frontal bearhug again, this time with their bare breasts pressing flesh against flesh. This last contest finally wears one girl down, leaving one triumphant beauty standing over a beaten one in a hard-earned victory pose.

Match 2 -Another multi-tiered contest of endurance pits bikini-clad beauties Christina Carter and Monica Foster against each other in the parlor. They begin with a face-to-face bearhug where both delectable divas alternate as aggressor and victim, until a mutual bearhug finds them both straining under the rib crushing. Finally breaking it off in unison, the maids of mayhem clutch each other’s hands for a muscle-straining test of strength. Christina may be bigger, but Monica is definitely her match in sheer power as each girl takes her turn falling to her knees beneath the pressure. Monica subjects Christina to a series of belly punches that sorely strains the buxom brunette’s stamina. Christina crumples to the carpet but recovers quickly, once again facing off against Monica in a strenuous bearhug. However, the combination of belly blows, bearhug and a protracted waist scissors may have taken its toll on Christina, as Monica moves in for the kill—only to have the tables turned as Christina springs up and tears into Monica with renewed vigor.

Match 3JC Marie challenges Melissa Jacobs in the ring as they bump each other’s chest in a bid for superiority. A test of strength strains all four tensed arms to their limits. The gorgeous grapplers continue their contentious conflict with a long, lingering bearhug that has both beauties straining, but neither surrendering. A brief break helps the ladies regain some of their strength as they wrap their taut arms around each other yet again. It’s another long haul before they both fall to the mat, tired but not spent. Another test of strength, with their clasped hands at waist level pushes their endurance even further. JC finally falls to her knees and Melissa presses her advantage. Belly punching the beautiful blonde in the corner, Melissa capitalizes on JC’s weakened state by throwing her to the center of the ring and raising her up into a reverse bearhug. The road to victory looks clear for Melissa as she presses her body down on the fallen JC. However, JC’s arms wrap themselves around Melissa’s waist like boa constrictors and Melissa’s journey hits a serious roadblock.


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