Match 1 -Petite Melissa Jacobs faces the massively busty Summer Cummings in the DT ring and quickly learns that Summer’s enromous mounds make pretty impressive weapons. As Melissa is powered down to the mat, Summer uses her big tits to suffocate the smaller girl. Melissa pushes Summer off and mounts an attack of her own, but her topheavy opponent is soon back on top, sitting on Melissa’s back while pulling Melissa’s jaw apart. After escaping a surfboard hold, Melissa tries to stymie Summer’s momentum by using Summer’s bra as a garrot. Summer is only momentarily stunned and she traps Melissa in a painful bow and arrow stretch. Continuing to use her massive boobs as weapons, Summer adds to Melissa’s torment by clawing away at the the smaller girl’s exposed breasts. Melissa gives a good account of herself through painful holds and a chest to chest bearhug, but she may have bitten off more than she could chew against the powerful Summer.

Match 2 -Longtime DT fave Christine Dupree returns to the ring after too long an absence to take on the generously endowed Goldie Blair. Both battling babes start the match topless and waste no times setting their sadistic sights on their expossed mammaries. Christine’s nipple ring is an especially tempting target for Goldie. As these bountiful brawlers mauling, crushing an biting each other’s bosoms, the ring resounds with their pained cries. Hard belly blows, body throws and tight waist scissors are also brought to bear as the mighty struggle rages on. Whether used as weapons or targets, these impressive breasts are formidable and receive the lion’s share of the violence storming within the confines of the squared circle. It will take a tight and decisive sleeper to finally put an end to this tournament of topless torment.

Match 3 -It’s been quite a while since sexy Shayla (also known as Kristal Summers) last set foot in a DT ring and she’s definitely got her work cut out for her as she goes up against the curvaceous Christina Carter. Each lovely lass is quite proud of her own set of awesome breasts, so it comes as no surprise that these delectable orbs become the primary focus of their assaults. As targets these bodacious bosoms are smacked, clawed, squeezed and mauled, while, as weapons, they’re used to batter, smother and crush. Big busts bulge into each other in chest-to-chest bearhugs, and when the flimsy bikini tops are finally stripped away, tender exposed nipples become the tortured recipients of even more abuse. Sharp fingernails, hard knuckles and gnawing teeth amps up the torture factor as these ravishing ravagers go all out to come out on top. Even as a neck scissors finally knocks one buxom babe out for good, the victor can’t help but get one last handful of flesh.


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