Heather’s Hot


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Match 1 Heather vs Spice: We find Heather outside caring for her garden as her angry neighbor, none other than the muscular Spice Williams, climbs over the wall that separates them and proceeds to tell Heather to stop running around in such skimpy outfits in front of her boyfriend. Heather says no and Spice leaps on her, knocking her flat on her gardening table. Then they decide to finish the fight in the ring. Heather thinks she’s good but she’s never been up against anyone with Spice’s power, and it’s not long before Spice has the gorgeous new girl in a torturous backbreaker. But, in an amazing turn, Heather escapes and grabs Spice by the hair, pulling her between her tanned thighs where Heather proceeds to squeeze with all the strength she can muster. However, the tough veteran Spice is not one to be out of a fight too long and soon is grinding her elbow into Heather’s smooth navel. Spice rips Heather’s top off, exposing her wonderfully formed breasts. Spice is now in control and ready to punish. Spice picks Heather up in her arms and … well, you’ll just have to see this one to really appreciate it. You’ll love Heather, and you’ll love this tape.

Match 2 Heather vs Quisha: Our newcomer Heather was eager for more action and we were happy to oblige. First she takes on the mammoth-breasted veteran Quisha. Beautiful Heather has her red hair in a braid, as does the blonde Quisha. Quickly Heather rips Quisha’s top off, freeing her huge breasts. This angers Quisha and she throws Heather to the mat. Grabbing Heather by the braid, Quisha stretches Heather’s back causing the redhead’s perfectly formed breasts to burst out of her suit. They take turns dragging each other around the ring and spunky Heather chokes Quisha over the ropes, causing Quisha’s breasts to flail wildly in the wind. But Quisha is soon back with a surfboard using Heather’s braid to stretch Heather’s beautiful body. Back and forth the battle rages until finally that last excruciating hold brings about a submission.


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