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Time: 23 Minutes

A pre-bout interview gets pretty nasty as Anastasia Pierce, a vision in scarlet with red PVC mini-dress, mesh stockings and heels, vows to get even with Vanessa Harding, dressed in black mini-dress, hose and heels. Anastasia vows to take away Vanessa’s championship belt—and Vanessa’s boyfriend. In the ring the haughty hellions remove their dresses and shoes and face each other in bras panties and hosiery. Not waiting for the opening bell Anastasia attacks Vanessa from behind and chokes her down to the mat and twists the mat maiden’s arm behind her. Kicking her opponent while she’s down, Anastasia leaps atop Vanessa’s back and works her way into a sitting waist scissors and chokehold. Anastasia traps Vanessa in the corner and delivers some hard blows, but hard-fighting Harding turns the tables and begins raining punishment on the vermillion vixen. However, Anastasia is more resilient than Vanessa bargained for and the powerful Ms. Pierce brings Vanessa to her knees in a test of strength and floors the champ with a clothesline. Vanessa digs her nails into Anastasia’s briefly bared breasts, but is paid back with knees to the gut and a roundhouse kick that sends Vanessa reeling. With her opponent stunned, Anastasia covers her boobs up and goes for the pin and wins the first fall. Vanessa has never been a graceful loser and she vows to get even with her dark-haired rival. But will vows be enough?


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