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Time: 19 Minutes

This costumed fantasy starts with the beautiful heroine Princess Wonder (Tylene Buck) unconscious and tied up in the center of the ring as the black-clad villainess Sadista (Tina Z) enters to untie the superheroine and spritz her awake with a water bottle. Sadista is tired of her sister Domina getting all the fun torturing superheroines so she’s going to get her jollies by giving Princess Wonder the beating of her life. Without her boots and belt, Princess Wonder is easy pickings as she is clotheslined off the ropes and then straddled by Sadista, who lives up to her name by punching the heroine’s face and stomping her belly repeatedly. The superheroine’s screams are pitiful as she is battered mercilessly. Lifting Princess Wonder by her blonde tresses, Sadista throws her around the ring, punching her at every opportunity and planting her boot on the star-spangled heroine’s throat as she is trapped in the corner. The once-prod Princess Wonder begs for mercy, but her tears just fuel the villainess’ sadistic glee. As the whimpering superheroine is tied to the corner ropes, Sadista pulls out her whip—determined that this blonde do-gooder never does another good deed.


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