Match 1Sadie Holmes and Erika Jordan are pissed at each other. Real friends should never let money ruin their relationship. It’s a good thing that these young ladies are by no means real friends. They start this match off with catty language and violent actions. Their itty-bitty bikini tops are quickly lost as they roll wildly across the floor. Sadie and Erika fight like they’ve known one another forever, but never really liked each other. Finding two adorable chicks that are as feisty as these two is damn near impossible. So get ready for some sleeper holds and lively combat because there is a healthy dose of both in this dynamic cat-fighting video.

Match 2 -Have two more perfect specimens ever walked the planet? I think not. JC Marie and Tylene Buck are basically blonde, wrestling goddesses. Their remarkable bodies are not only made for seduction, but also combat. In this match they are sporting some unique and extremely provocative black lingerie, which they repeatedly use to execute chafe inducing wedgies. The wedgies are long, strong, and done with a thong. If you have ever been turned on by a beautiful ass being split in two by a tiny piece of thread, then you cannot let this golden video slip through your fingers. JC and Tylene’s asses are worth it… I guarantee it.

Match 3 -This video is not about talking trash or showing a backstory. It is about showing two wrestlers, Alyssa Reece and Randy Moore, brawling until one of them is knocked out. These two young women are trained fighters, but more importantly, they have the hearts of warriors. The bell rings and Alyssa and Randy head straight towards the center of the ring with blood on their mind. The only thing that may rival the magnificence of these pugilists’ aggressive spirits is their glorious rear ends. So do yourself a favor and get this video. You will be entertained far beyond the expected limits of the audio/visual platform. Why? Because the spirits of these two wrestlers shine through… also, their butts are great.


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