Match 1Kobe Lee is an attorney and she has been hired to take Angela Sommers to court. When these two professional young ladies finally meet, they are pissed. They are so angry that they schedule time at a gym in order to beat the crap out of each other. When Kobe begins taking her work attire off, Angela sucker punches her. Angela chokes Kobe with her own shirt and delivers some major knees to her crotch. Kobe eventually turns the tables on Ms. Sommers and knocks her out cold. Kobe immediately disrobes her, leaving Angela in nothing but stockings, garters, and panties. A one sided beat down proceeds from there. If you are a fan of watching professionals behave very unprofessionally, then this is the video for you.

Match 2Sinn Sage and Celeste Star are looking for some fun. However, to these two young ladies fun consists of beating the snot out of each other. Sinn quickly finds a way to put her bubble butt to lethal use. She nearly face sits the life out of the svelte Celeste. Low murmurs for help can be heard grumbling from beneath Sinn’s pillowy peach cakes. The tables turn many times in this feisty cat fight. Celeste puts her speed to good use as she reverses holds like a damn spider monkey. The beauty of Sinn and Celeste’s young athletic bodies is on full view in this heavenly instant classic.

Match 3Tylene Buck and JC Marie are in matching naughty schoolgirl outfits, but not for long. JC quickly strips Tylene out of her tiny ripped tank top. Luckily, JC stays in her outfit for a little bit longer. Watching JC’s fleshy booty cheeks peak out from her microscopic plaid skirt is an image fit for the Louvre. Eventually, both ladies find themselves wrestling in nothing more than white thongs. The front and back wedgies are made all the more stunning with the white cotton thongs used as the weapon. This pretty much becomes a torture match: which fighter can withstand the brutal treatment longer? If you must find out, then you must watch this video.


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