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Time: 17 Minutes

When the incredibly endowed Utah Sweet brags about her mammoth mammaries, and how unbeatable they are, one can hardly argue with her. Unless, of course, you’re Pamela Peaks, who, in her DT debut, enters the room in a bikini that only barely supports a pair of gargantuan orbs that dare to challenge Utah’s for supremacy. And so starts another series of epic breast battles with the first encounter placing Pamela on a chair as Utah sits on her lap, bodacious boobs pressing against each other. Next, the top-heavy tusslers stand chest to chest as they bop each other’s hellacious hooters to and fro. Tired of mooring their giant globes, and seemingly a bit excited by this whole affair, both ladies remove their tops and squeeze their huge sacks of flesh against each other, following up with a breast to breast bearhug that only intensifies their determination and passion. No real wrestling here, but if you’re a lover of gloriously gigantic boob girls literally pressing the flesh then this is one hot encounter you won’t want to miss.


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