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Two young wrestling superstars, Raquel and Onyx enter the DT wrestling ring for the first time in a multi-fall match. Onyx is put on the defensive early as she tries unsuccessfully to elbow out of Raquel’s headlock. Raquel powers Onyx down to the mat where Onyx tries to escape by pulling Raquel’s hair but is maneuvered into a painful camel clutch instead. A standing surfboard puts even more pressure on Onyx’s back. Then Raquel works over Onyx’s legs, twisting the brown-haired woman’s legs into painful contortions. Onyx finally kicks free and drops Raquel with some hard elbows to the blonde’s abs. A Boston Crab by Raquel halts Onyx’s momentum as well as adding further strain to her opponent’s back. Nevertheless, Onyx is still able to turn things around and subjects Raquel to some powerful waist scissors and a backbreaking surfboard of her own. The tide turns with body blows and a body slam setting up a dazed Onyx for a mind-numbing sleeper that ends the first fall. As the bell rings for the second fall, Onyx once again tries to punch her way out of Raquel’s headlock, only to be met by a barrage of belly blows from Raquel. After decking Onyx after bouncing her off the ropes, Raquel goes for a pin, but Onyx kicks out. These girls really know how to wrestle as bearhugs, abdominal stretches, scissors and snap mares mix with body blows, chokes, bites and stomach claws. Onyx is choked out at the end of the second fall—but this fight isn’t over yet.


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