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Who has the better ass, an age old question that can only be solved with lots of inspection that involves, slapping, gouging, pinching, prodding and everything else that can be done to a beautiful ass. Layla Sinn and Vanessa Veracruz have two amazing asses and they are out to see whose is better. Layla begins with close inspection of Vanessa’s behind and what an amazing trunk it is, slap those cheeks and make them jiggle in all the right places and soon turn red. Layla is by no means finished as she bends the brunette over for a closer inspection with wedgies and pinches. Next Vanessa takes her turn as she gets her revenge on Layla’s brown bottom but it isn’t long and Layla is back in charge as she just can’t keep her hands off Vanessa’s behind and who can blame her – on the canvas she puts her on all fours and again attacks her ass, this time she even uses her teeth and invents new ways for butt attacks, then temporarily she tires of this and goes for those succulent breasts. Of course Vanessa turns the tables and now both ladies are topless — but it’s soon back to butts, from crawling on the canvas to over the ropes the asses are displayed and splayed in oh so many fabulous ways from two of the most beautiful brunettes in the world. So if you like beautiful butts, and who doesn’t, then you will love this one and only you can decide — who has the better ass !!!!!!

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