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Time/Size: 17 Minutes/329 MB

The lovely Onyx faces one of DT’s all-time favorite grapplers, Francesca Lé, for this pro-style encounter. Francesca’s usual cockiness is quickly squelched as Onyx catches the Latin beauty in a powerful headlock. However, Onyx may have underestimated her for as Francesca uses a head scissors of her own to escape and catches Onyx in a waist scissors. Onyx uses her muscular arms to pry herself loose and tries to pull Francesca’s arms out of their sockets with an agonizing surfboard, planting her foot deep into Francesca’s back. Backed into a corner, Francesca struggles for air as Onyx plants her foot on the Latina’s throat. Onyx weakens Francesca further with a couple of head butts and belly blows before throwing the DT fan fave across the ring. As she struggles pathetically under a Boston crab, followed by a bow and arrow limb stretch, it appears that Francesca made a big mistake getting into the ring with a real wrestler. Yet, even after enduring a piledriver, a clothesline and even hard stomps to her belly, Francesca still won’t quit and manages to find the opening she needs to turn the tide, giving Onyx a beating she never expected from the catfighter. But, can Francesca keep the advantage? A sleeper finally puts an end to one grappler’s hopes for victory as she is counted out under a matchbook pin.


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