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Time/Size: 21 min/402 MB

As Christine Dupree and Tylene Buck perform some pre-bout stretches, they each start insulting the strength of the other’s legs. Intent on settling the matter, Christine challenges Tylene to a contest to determine which of them has the more powerful set of gams. Lying on their backs, the proud women lock calves and put on the pressure. Christine wins easily, prompting Tylene to demand a best-two-out-of-three contest. The second contest lasts a little longer with Tylene finally evening the score. However, even when the third contest seemingly settles the matter, the loser is still not satisfied and they lock legs yet again, and again, and again. After tiring of the leg contests, the busty babes decide to settle the matter of their superiority in a wrestling match—the tone of which is quickly established as they dig their nails into each other’s chest. Then, things get really hot and heavy as these experienced warriors throw, squeeze and pummel each other all over the ring. An airplane spin sets up one woozy warrior for a pin, but when the loser declares that this too will be best-two-out-of-three, the battle lines are drawn yet again.


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