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Time/Size: 17 min/385 MB

Ashley Grace may be taller, but it’s going to take more than a height advantage to give her an edge over the more experienced Melissa Jacobs. The tall brunette does start off strong, however, as she corners the petite brunette and rams her knee into Melissa’s belly. Melissa escapes and mightily lifts Ashley with a bearhug and tosses her bigger opponent to the mat. However, Ashley easily reverses the pin and straddles Melissa while landing some hard punches to Melissa’s stomach and molesting her opponent’s pert breasts. Throwing all propriety to the wind, Melissa uses her own bikini top to strangle Ashley, who only just manages to escape with an elbow jab that sends Melissa gasping herself. Both girls enjoy their moments of dominance and suffer through their intervals as victims. Long necks are choked, dark hair is pulled and supple skin is bashed throughout this heated encounter. Melissa’s arms are almost torn from their sockets as Ashley digs her foot into Melissa’s back while pulling on the smaller girl’s upper extremities. When Ashley traps Melissa with a long-legged waist scissors, Melissa claws into Ashley’s constricting gams to escape. Digging her foot into Ashley’s crotch gives Melissa some measure of payback. It’s non-stop action throughout until a neck scissors finally grinds this thundering freight train to a complete stop.


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