Match 1 -Two bikini clad hotties stand opposite each other ready to enter into battle. Melissa Jacobs has a perky body, an adorable face, and a hunger to crush her opponent. However, this will be no easy task as her opponent is the world renowned Tylene Buck. Watch these two ferocious contestants attack each other with vicious heels to the crotch and unrelenting sleeper holds. The tops and the gloves come off in this clash of the cuties. This is soon-to-be-classic DT catfight spotlights two of the sexiest grapplers ever to rattle a wrestling ring. So strap on your seatbelt and get ready for one hell of a wild ride.

Match 2 – When Miko Sinz and Cali Logan, two of DT’s most popular young grapplers in the business, step into the ring, you can be sure that fireworks will explode. These erotic exemplars of ring royalty go head to head in a knockdown drag-out donnybrook. Their youthful trash talk is both provocative and relentless. Watching their incredibly taut bodies slap on top of each other (especially during bodyslams) is tantalizing beyond belief. This multi-pin topless match features some great bow and arrows, with both gorgeous girls stretched to the limit. This is one deliciously delirious demolition derby

Match 3 -This awesome match features fit and taut Asian Max versus the beautiful and full-figured Christina Carter. These two gorgeous women take their time coming into the ring, posing, and flirting with the camera. They savor the pageantry of the preparation but relish the execution of the action. Christina and Max are both very vocal, whether it be smack talk or pain induced groans. The combatants utilize their bodies to the fullest with loads of butt and breast smothering. These girls get so into this multi-fall match that the ref has to force the winner off her submitting opponent. There’s whole lot of smothering featuring a whole lot of beautiful women in this breathtaking video.


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