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Stealing souls, another great series that includes 983-01 and 1008-03, can these evil ones keep stealing the soles of their victims? A caped heroine, Melissa Jacobs is here to get her sister’s souls back form the Evil One, Max Makita. Max says she has to fight her for them, knowing that if she can weaken this super warrior she can also take her soul. She struggles to kill the will of this sexy golden clad super maiden, Melissa is game but the stronger Max soon has her in a secure head-lock, then a crushing bear hug, and a sustained Boston crab where she bends her back almost to the breaking point, she focuses on this part of the body – the back is beaten with fists and claws, she turns her around and stretches her back the other direction with a camel clutch followed by kicks to the back. A back breaker also adds to the back side destruction along with a killer bow and arrow, along with these she adds a head scissors, then it’s back to the back where the destruction starts all over again – looks like another soul may be added to the power of the evil ones, too weak to stop the life from being sucked from her body !!!


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