Match 1Randy Moore vs. JC Marie, not much more needs to be said when blondes with such fabulous bodies get in the ring together, but of course I will say more because there is so much more to be said, like they are wearing heels, skimpy bottoms and cut off wife beaters or muscle t-shirts, and if this isn’t hot enough they decide to get them wet before they begin – this may be too much to handle! Those beautiful wet breasts protruding through those shirts, nipples wet and hard as they attack each others chests, oh my I may need that water poured on me. If going after those pert wet breasts isn’t hot enough they now start in on each others butts, and you all know these are two of the best butts in the business, they slam together then rub as those protruding cheeks squish together. More water added and they are back at it, now on the mat where JC mounts Randy from behind then reaches under and milks her breasts, then it’s back to going ass to ass as they lie on the mat. As much as I love those wet t-shirts it’s also nice when they come off, they still add water to their now naked breasts so we get that sexy slippery look, and they still attack their mounds of pleasure as they bump, grind and gouge, and speaking of bumping and grinding – it’s back to those great asses. Even when one blonde gets knocked out she gets water dumped on her — Randy Moore and JC Marie – oh what a show they put on !!!!!

Match 2 -Three way wrestling with three fabulous ladies, all love to wrestle and are great at it; Cali Logan, Akira Lane, and Nicole Oring, oh my. Only one winner, so all the beauties have to go after each other, a true free for all, but so often it’s two against one which is how they begin as our two gorgeous Asians go after poor Cali, she is soon sandwiched in a double bow and arrow, then one sits on her chest as the other tortures her crotch. Now it’s Nicole’s turn to get double teamed as they trap her in the corner and work over her gut and all. The tops come off as each girl gets her turn to be beaten up, then one is out and two go at it, no, it’s all three again, this is getting wild, Nicole and Akira always get wild together, Cali stays cool as they slap, kick, stomp and intertwine their sexy bodies. Head scissors, throws, breast gouging – it’s all here as each of these winsome ladies wants to be the last one standing – there she is, she won, no, it’s the other one – no it’s… You, yes you are the winner as viewing these three is always a super winner !!!!!!

Match 3Odettte Delacroix, by far the smallest if all our wrestlers, I’ve seen bigger ten year olds, she is spunky though, but who is she going to wrestle, I hope it’s not someone who… oh no, here comes none other than the famous wrestler; Tylene Buck. Odette has never fought her but she recognizes this pro and has most defiantly heard of her – fear overtakes Odette as well it should, not only is the alluring blonde gorgeous but a great wrestler, a veteran. This does not look good for the petit lovely, so when the bell rings it’s understandable she runs wild and away, Tylene can’t catch her and what’s this Odette gets the upper hand and then even a submission. That wild energy has paid off and now the petit blonde is getting cocky as she makes Tylene crawl over and mark the scoreboard in her favor. They started the match topless, which just seems to show off their contrasting bodies, how can this little one stand a chance against this divine veteran, but she’s going wild again, you just can’t catch this girl — no not again, an arm bar on the the exquisite blonde – again she is forced to crawl in disgrace. Can this keep up, what the hell is going on, how much disgrace can the dazzling blon


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