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Time/Size: 16 min/339 MB

Misty Stone, get used to that name because this is one hot African American beauty, and one of the most natural wrestlers we have ever seen, she not only loves it but she is fabulous at it. And talk about becoming a favorite, Nikki Lee Young is just that, in no time at all she has become very popular and it is so understanding, she is not only beautiful but so much fun to watch. So put these two hotties in the ring together and we are blessed with some real joy, the spunky blonde figures her experience will prevail but soon worries as after a lock up the ebony beauty throws her hard to the canvas and mounts her, now Nikki realizes this could be a difficult match. Experience gets the blonde a waist scissors where she makes her foe pay for the pain. From here on it’s just a wild free for all with both ladies getting in their shots, but once Misty gets a little taste of victory she goes crazy, even uses her top to choke Nikki as she takes a horsey ride around the ring. Nikki puts on a great choke and figure four head scissors, while Misty improvises with some fabulous holds all to the extreme and shows she knows a few of the standards like the choke. This is one wild ride with two up and comers that are both destined to become super stars – so see them now at their wildest best !!!!!!!


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