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Damn I love those Euro girls! They just love what they do, and they do it so well – Nikki Thorne is one of the most popular of the Euro girls and for a good reason, this little spitfire is a lifting machine, she is always trying to pick up her foe but not doing so much in this match, and her foe for this one is the amazing beauty; Amirah, this bronze skinned beauty is just down right striking. They are both bounding with energy, so much so they literally are bouncing up and down before the match begins and when it does begin Nikki strips nude, not to be outdone Amirah does the same. The energy continues as these two young babes entwine and go for some submissions. They come us with some great standard holds but that figure four leg lock is the killer, the camera scans close over Amirah’s tan body, this girl is just so hot, and Nikki is always sexy with her tight little body that is just so strong. Leg locks, abb stretches, camel clutches and so much more but the best is when they just roll trying to get to these holds – Amirah is a fabulous newcomer – if you haven’t seen the Euro girls you’re in for a real treat because – we just love these Euro girls !!!!!!


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