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We had such a great response last week to seeing Akira Lane vs. Hannah Perez that we just had to put them back together but this time they are NUDE, they don’t even have any clothes on when they start. Not only are their beautiful bodies sans clothes but they are glistening, oh yes, they have their shine on as they have oiled up and look fabulous. This is a real wrestling match where when they get to the ropes they are to be broken, yes this is some fabulous naked wrestling. Multi falls and each one starts with a long agonizing test of strength where their naked limbs strain and flex, they pull themselves breast to breast squishing their soft chest flesh, then slowly one is forced down. The holds are severe and sustained with lots of leg and arm stretching, an amazing reverse matchbook where the girls legs are stretched over her head and to the mat, a killer over the shoulder back breaker and we even have one of them hug upside down with her naked body flailing in vain. So many great falls as each lady refuses to lose and oh do they have a fabulous final hold, a figure four leg lock that they roll with, yes, they stay intertwined as they roll, the pain is so intense that it leads to… Fabulous nude wrestling with two super wrestlers!!!


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