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Melissa Jacobs is wearing nothing more than panty hose. Her opponent, Akira Lane, is wearing the same. They each stand in their corners strutting and stretching their stuff. The fight begins and one quickly notices the ferociousness with which the girls attack each other. It isn’t long before the fighters resort to scratching and hair pulling. However, the real damage comes from the pitiless holds that are sunk in tight and held for an unthinkable amount of time. Akira definitely has the upper hand in this match. She soon turns a fun pantyhose catfight into a one-sided torture match. Poor Melissa, bleary eyed and whimpering, is maneuvered around the ring into increasingly painful positions. This all culminates in a waist thumping matchbook pin that leaves Melissa out for the count. If you are looking for a nice array of moves, violence, and pretty girls wearing nothing but panty hose, then this match was made with you in mind.


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