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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Hits, butts and tits – oh yeah! Tilly McReese may be new to DT but she is not new to fighting and nobody has a more inviting tummy, and tits for hits, yes her belly ripples so perfectly with each slug and her breasts bounce so delightfully with each slap and thud. We start off with Karlie Montana beating a very dazed topless Tilly, she talks to the camera that is sending this to Tilly’s superheroine twin sister, all so that woman will meet her in the ring for a battle royal and it works. We end up at the ring where we have a back and forth battle with both Tilly and Karlie getting their guts, breasts and butts worked over. And when I say worked over I mean in the most delightful way; tits slapped and punched just enough to see they sway to the max, guts punched just hard enough to hear that smack and see the wake pass over their sexy bellies and butts banged from behind with hands and crotches, banged hard enough to see those fabulous butt cheeks wiggle and jiggle with each hard smack. You know how beautiful Karlie is and what a fabulous figure she has and she so loves the punching, but Tilly is new and you are going to love her voluptuous body, so full of curves that shake and shimmy with each blow – you will love her soooo much. A very enticing story that lasts over thirty minutes with the best of; HITS, BUTTS AND TITS !!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Black and white and so right, this is one of the best holds matches ever because these girls are both strong and very accomplished with the holds. Ana Foxxx is so beautiful and her slender figure so enticing, how could this ebony beauty be very powerful, well one high flying body slam tells us all we need to know about the strength of this girl and it’s Lyra Law, the ivory beauty who is on the hurting end of this slam. Camel clutches, bow and arrows, leg splitters, figure four leg locks, abb stretchers, arm bars, over the shoulder back breakers, gut slugs and high flying body slams, all with bad intentions. Lyra knows pain as she is a dominatrix that is used to delivering pain, but now she is on the receiving end and she doesn’t like it one bit, Ana wants the blonde to really suffer because she hurt Ana’s friend in a previous match. You can hear the pain and see the force applied as each hold, throw and punch is filled with torment. The gorgeous blonde eventually gets her chance at some devastating holds of her own, more sustained agony as she pulls those Foxxx limbs to the limit – both get their turn at destruction and they are both so good at it, no matter how this ends there has to be a rematch because this is one of the best holds matches ever !!!!!!

CATFIGHT/BOXING MATCH 3 – Akira Lane is dancing around the dressing room in her bikini. She has a giant smile on her face. She is ecstatic about how she defeated Nicole Oring in their most recent boxing match. Nicole storms into the dressing room and challenges Akira to a rematch. Both women are loud and love talking trash to one another. After some negotiating about a rematch, they come to an agreement. Their next contest will include both a wrestling and boxing match. These Asian goddesses don their most adorable bikinis to wrestle in and change into white tank tops and booty shorts to box each other. Akira and Nicole’s pretty mouths stay almost as busy as their boxing gloves. I can’t tell you who wins, but I can say this video is a great bargain. In one DT video you get to see two beautiful ladies wrestle and box one another.


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