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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – U.S. bikini vs British bikini, Alix Lynx in the U.S. bikini and Abigail Mac in the British suit, and these are some sexy skimpy suits, suited for their amazing figures. Both are so determined to win and start out with a sustained test of strength that takes them to the mat where they go after each others jutting breasts, then on their knees where each reaches for vulnerable crotches, the squeeze has one crawling away only to be trapped with a deadly choke and we have a first fall winner. Another great test of strength stretches those sexy limbs then we are treated to more wrestling with catfighting, that’s right we get the best of both worlds: great wrestling holds with wild catfighting. The tops come off as they attack those luscious tits, scissors, bear hugs and multiple chokes with gut and crotch attacks, wow these hot babes give us the full spectrum of fighting – you know how sexy these two are and watching them fight with wrestling and cat fighting is a real treat !!!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Tylene Buck and Ariel X, two of the most famous wrestlers ever so getting them together is always a treat, and to make the treat sweeter they are wearing fabulous print tights that show off their sexy legs and butts, topless they stalk each other, both telling how great they are and today both ladies are striking blondes, that’s right Ariel is blonde and looks fabulous. Ariel starts off aggressive as usual but a couple of low kicks puts Tylene in charge and she so relishes her demolition, corner work supreme with slugs, chest slaps, breast gouging and a soaring monkey flip that has X squirming in pain. Ariel comes back a bit but only to be met with more pain. Finally Ariel gets in a dual crotch and breast claw that upends Ms. Buck and puts X in charge and once in control she plans on keeping it as she goes savage on the big blonde, she pulls those tights down and gives her killer wedgies, over the shoulder back breakers, mouth stretchers and lastly you will not believe what she does, it’s almost too much – what she forces in Tylene’s mouth is amazing and so deep and so hard – you got to see this one to believe it !!!!!!

CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – You are one lucky Double Trouble fan, because this video features Miko Sinz and Eva Lovia. These two Asian hybrids are smoking hot and ready to fight. Both women begin the match wearing tiny tank tops, dainty panties, and knee high neon socks. This attire could best be described as a naughty school girl’s sleepover wear. Watching these beauties straddle each other in little more that underwear is lovely, but the real treat is watching them scissor one another’s heads with their long legs. Miko makes sure to pay special attention to Eva’s small feet and ankles. She twists, bends, and stomps on poor Eva’s delicate joints. I doubt MS. Lovia’s neon pink knee sock will do much to dull the attacks. Eva’s gorgeous face twists in agony as she screams for help. She will have to learn the hard way that there is no mercy in the DT ring. Enjoy!


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