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NUDE MATCH 1 – Jolene Hexx is one fabulous addition to DT and she is about to prove it as she takes on the one and only Ariel X, that’s right this gorgeous red head is taking on the muscular one. We soon find out Jolene is an experienced fighter and extremely tough, Ariel tells her how she is going to destroy her but the red head pulls a tight wedgie on her, so hard it takes X by surprise and red isn’t finished, she slaps Ariel so hard she hits the canvas where more killer wedgies are applied, then it’s off with her panties leaving only that sexy garter belt and stockings. Of course X comes back and soon she has Jolene’s panties off but not before she returns the wedgie favor, she doesn’t just wedgie she gives that butt check a good pinch while doing it. Now watch these two roll, a masterpiece of controlled chaos, from a leg bar to a face sit with tons of crotch and breast destruction woven in. Few can keep up with Ariel but this red head is amazing, her sleek body is very powerful and her movement are like a cat – these beauties are so evenly matched you hate to see one lose, but one does lose — some of the best naked rolling you will ever see !!!!!

NUDE MATCH 2 – Both of today’s beautiful fighters are wearing American flag inspired bikinis. Akira Lane and Stacy Burke are both veterans of the Double Trouble ring and they have never liked each other. They are quick to attack one another, grabbing at their opponent’s tits and removing their bra. Topless, they continue to fight. Lots of breast biting and crotch mauling leads to Akira and Stacy ripping away each other’s underwear. Now they are completely nude, rubbing against one another, yanking and scratching at any soft patch of flesh. Akira shoves Stacy’s head through the ropes and grates Stacy’s tits against the ropes. Stacy screams and reverses the attack, making Akira straddle the bottom rope and then grinds her crotch into it until she cries. Which of these tan beauties will leave the ring with her hand raised in victory? You must watch this classic DT cat fight to find out.

NUDE MATCH 3 – Sara Jay, Sara Jay, Sara Jay… you wanted her back and here she is in this amazing two parter. Yes the amazing bountiful booty and breasts of Sara are waiting for Cherie Deville who is to be her new trainer, she is startled to find a naked Sara opening the door. Sara disparages Cherie for not being big enough to train her and this taunting soon turns into a wild naked butt contest as they see whose ass is best. They start out standing and bumping those full bottoms from the side, then to the floor where they lay on their sides and press those fleshy cheeks together, then on all fours for some real hard butt busting, those cheeks slam and jiggle as each beautiful ass rams hard. One butt rides over the other as it squishes and folds, amazing to watch these gorgeous buttocks in so many slamin’ positions. Next Sara’s bigger ass sits on Cherie’s round butt and is soon bouncing – then she takes it to the extreme, she uses her butt as a weapon to smother poor Cherie, she face sits then wraps her legs and ass around Cherie’s pretty face. So many different holds all to smoker with butt and legs then back to extreme butt bouncing till Cherie is destroyed !!!!!!


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