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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Pull those strings you super sexy sirens, the strings on those skimpy sling bikinis that barely cover Abigail Mac and Idelsy Love – pull those strings high into their feminine middles and then high up their back sides splitting their sexy cheeks. So sexy these two in their thigh high black stockings as they struggle to inflict pain with extreme wedgies, then they move on to breast destructions as they pinch and squeeze those fleshy chest orbs. Back and forth they go each taking her turn at destruction and each stripping the other nude as they use the suits to still inflict maximum wedgie pain while one tries to crawl away – on all fours she still has those strings pulled hard up her ass then nipples bent and pinched from this doggie position. And to finish one lady off her foe uses extreme crotch destruction till with agonizing pain we have a loser. So pull those strings you super sexy sirens of pain and pleasure !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Flex baby flex, that’s what Ariel X does better than anyone so when she sees Nicole Oring flexing she can’t help but make fun of her, but making fun is not enough – no, it’s time to show her what real muscles can achieve. X flexes in Nicole’s face saying, “kiss them now or later” when she gets only sneers she administers some body shaking chest slaps, Nicole’s breasts shudder with each hit, then to her gut with kicks and slugs and this is just the beginning of this one sided demolition. Ariel uses every trick in her arsenal of destruction; camel clutch, head scissors, Boston crab, porch swing, over the shoulder back breaker, Mexican ceiling hold and tons of extreme corner annihilation with slugs and chokes. If these weren’t bad enough she adds a large doss of humiliation as with each hold she flexes her sexy muscles till she has poor Nicole so demolished she is forced to kiss X’s now very sweaty body – breasts and biceps are kissed till Ariel is satisfied with the homage to her fabulous body — flex baby flex !!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Erika Jordan’s husband has been caught having an affair with Cherie Deville. Now all three of them are in the middle of the DT wrestling ring hashing it out. Erika confronts Cherie about the infidelity. Cherie giggles, saying, “it was an accident.” Erika doesn’t believe this is a laughing matter. The argument escalates until Erika puts her hands on Cherie. Ms. Deville makes quick work of her foe, easily pinning her. Cherie asks Erika’s husband what he wants her to do with Erika. Cherie decides it would be funny to humiliate Erika in front of her husband. The next twenty minutes consist of Cherie beating up, humping, spanking, and stripping Erika until she is wearing nothing but a thong. Once Erika is good and tenderized, Cherie ties her hands and parades the topless wife around the ring in front of her husband. Cherie has the biggest smile on her face for most of this match. However, we see true glee in the twinkle in Cherie’s eyes as she marches Erika off screen for whatever perverse finale she has in store. If you like your videos kinky you will enjoy this one.


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