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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Christie Stevens and Liz Ashley are two stunning blondes. Their golden locks are tied up in adorable ponytails. They pose in their respective corners wearing nothing but tiny thong underwear. The bodies on these women are outstanding. Christie and Liz both have perky tits and hourglass figures. They begin the match with some leg wrestling. This is followed by a couple bouts of tit fighting. Once both women are frustrated sufficiently by these mini competitions, they begin the real fight. Liz wraps her long legs around Christie’s slim waist. Liz uses her strong hands to crush her combatant’s breasts. Christie yelps as Liz repositions her round ass on top of Christie’s face. Ms. Steven’s soft tit flesh squeezes out between Liz’s flexing fingers. Liz believes she has this fight all but won by this point. However, Christie has other plans in store. The bell rings and Christie charges out of her corner. She puts Liz in a Boston crab and then hoists the unsuspecting girl up over her head. After a couple airplane spins she sends Liz crashing down to the mat. Which of these two stunning blondes can inflict more damage? There is only one way to find out.

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Time for a good beat down and of course nobody does it better than Ariel X, her victim this day is the beautiful Makayla Cox, a big stunning brunette who loves to fight. Makayla knows all about Ariel’s fighting skills so she jumps her from behind to gain an edge. This edge turns out to be the edge of a cliff that Makayla plunges from and right into the valley of destruction, filled with all of X’s painful moves; camel clutch, over the shoulder back breaker, Boston crab, porch swing, head scissors, face sits, ceiling hold and so many more and all with bad intentions. The statuesque brunette looks so gorgeous in her agony and her agony is extreme as Ariel keeps digging in deeper to her bag of tortuous tricks. Adding insult to injuries she flexes her shapely muscles with each sustained hold. So many more carries and holds as the screams of agony fill the air – she can take no more but that doesn’t stop beautiful Ariel because with each scream she gets more arroused !!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Butts and breasts and beautiful babes, oh how lucky we are — Ivy Sherwood and Olivia Austin are beyond beautiful and a fights a brewing because Olivia hates that Ivy was hired to work with her, so when Ivy comes over they start comparing bodies. First their exquisite butts are compared and then they take it a step further, a great butt battle as they bang those big bulbous behinds together till Ivy’s ebony ass seems to get the better of the battle. But Olivia is by no means done because when Ivy bends over the big blonde takes her from behind and milks her drooping tits, she pulls and twists those appealing breasts so much that she actually gets some fluid to flow. Eventually Ivy recovers and now it’s her turn to go after Olivia’s fulsome breasts and she isn’t about to quit till she too has milk produced. Now they are both heated up and the bottoms are ripped off, they spank those gorgeous ass cheeks – add in a lot more breast pulling and pinching not to mention tons of milking and we have one fabulous butts and breasts match with truly stunning butts and breasts !!!!!


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