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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Sarah Brooke is known to be one tough cookie who really knows how to fight but come on, do you really want to take on the great Ariel X? Both ladies start topless showing off their muscles, Sarah even takes a shot at Ariel’s gut but X just laughs it off and then decides to show her how it’s done and her gut blast has the beautiful red head reeling – this blast signals the beginning of one long devastating beat down. Sarah’s sleek muscular body is tossed around in so many wild positions, she is tossed over X’s shoulder in many ways, her striking white ass almost glows in her string bikini. My favorites are the porch swing where the red head’s body is contorted to the extreme and her perky nipples are scrapped on the mat then slammed in – and of course the Mexican surfboard or ceiling hold where the ivory skinned beauty is pressed to the ceiling. In the corner she is beaten, then to the mat for savage camel clutches, leg stretches and chokes and of course she shows off her amazing muscular body with each pain filled hold. So get ready to watch one tough red head get her ass handed to her — then course she has to worship those bulging muscles — beat down to the extreme !!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Get ready, this is one hot story: Misty Stone wants a toy for her sex fun so she talks her master, Karlie Montana into getting one, she invites Prinzzess to the ring so they can mold her into what they want. They start out with Misty wrestling Prinzzess and like so many that fight the blonde she under estimates her and Prinzzess soon has her in a tight choke and once she is out Prinzzess proceeds to hog tie her and gloat, even accepting to fight both girls. Soon we are hot into a two against one, and I might add one of the best two vs one ever as Prinzzes actually gets the best of these two tough ladies, they roll in and out of so many sexy wild positions but each time Prinzzess takes over one the other one finally gets to her. Eventually the two topless beauties overcome the blonde and put a chain and collar on her, now time to train her and they get out the spiked gloves and abuse her beautiful body till they have her subdued and submissive. Next Karlie fights the subdued blonde and beats her down — time to strip her naked, tie her to the ropes, put a spreader bar between her legs and nipple clips on her jutting nipples — and yes get out the dragon dildo and use it… !!!!!!!

CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Alix Lynx and Anna Foxx are facing each other today. One girl is a stunning blonde with big tits, while the other is a gorgeous Nubian queen with a tight tummy. Alix takes her time to show off for the camera. She adjusts her thigh high white stockings and puts on her high heels. She can’t help but talk out loud about how badly she is going to demolish Anna. Lastly, Alix slips on her tight little black dress and heads for the wrestling ring. While waiting for Anna, Alix shows her beautiful legs off. Anna enters the ring with a champion’s confidence. She smirks at Alix before kicking her in the gut and putting Alix in a sleeper hold. Anna looks to be the dominant fighter in the early rounds, but one should never over look Alix’s skill. Alix does her best to make Anna pay for her early success. She knocks Anna down, puts her frail wrist to the mat, and uses her knee to smash it into a thousand pieces. Alix finishes her opponent by sitting on her pretty face. This is a rough catfight that any DT fan will love.


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