BOTTOMLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Is there anything more sexy than a short black dress, no especially when worn by sexy ladies with amazing legs and that’s just what we have here with Alix Lynx, Christina Carter and Ariel X. Alix, the sleek blonde struts around the ring touting the glory of being blonde, soon followed by our two gorgeous brunettes stoking the benefits of being brunette. Talk turns to violence as the brunettes take it to the blonde and beat the hell out of her in so many sexy ways, always causing that short dress to pull up over her hard ass – it’s double teaming at it’s best with stretches and pounding and all with the heels still on. Wait, what is this the blonde is making a come back and when she gets the upper hand she goes all the way, taking off their panties so she can go hard on the vulnerable pussies. Will the brunettes come back? Blonde or brunette – who wins when the sexiest women in short dresses and heels go crazy on each other !!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Dominance never looked so good, when Jewell Marceau finally catches her masked foe Ivy Sherwood. Jewell dressed in her sexiest tight one piece dominatrix outfit sets about showing how a real dom rules. Jewell stretches Ivy over a large stool and proceeds to take off her top so she can have her way with those gorgeous tits, she squishes them high and hard so she can take a savory bite, then ponds her fists into her tight abs. Then to the couch for some wondrous ass spanking on that fabulous butt, followed by crotch mauling – but we are by no means done. Next she goes after those cute little feet, she rubs them on her big tits then bites them to show whose in control. Out come Jewell’s amazing breasts so she can use them as weapons, rubbing them hard into Ivy’s chest, then some bitting kisses and finally the coup de grace: she ties her hands behind her back for complete control and destruction in so many sexy dominant ways !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Karlie Montana and Darcie Dolce are up and coming Hollywood actresses. They are relaxing around their L.A. apartment in nothing but their tiny black thong underwear. They have a big audition for a horror movie coming up. In the proposed acting role they will have to suffer to a demise on camera. To practice how they will portray their excruciating last minutes, Karlie and Darcie get out fake weapons and pretend to destroy one another. One at a time, the topless girls circle each other and eventually slide their plastic blade into the other’s soft tummy. The victim gasps and whines as she slumps to the ground. The camera then lingers on the quiet and motionless female form. The actresses go back and forth like this until they slowly start adding subtle changes to the scene. They use longer plastic swords instead, they continue devastation even after the victim has gone motionless. They practice going limp, then going limp on each other. We will never know which girl will end up getting the role, but watching them practice might be better than the actual film. Topless in these skimpy thongs they almost seem like wild sexy women of another era.


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