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NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Akira Lane and Darcie Dolce are seeing the same man. Unfortunately, they run into each other while waiting for him. The anger and argument escalates until both women lose control and attack one another’s breasts. They grab and twist at the soft boob flesh, but their tight tank tops keep fingers from gaining maximum friction. Akira’s jaw drops when she notices that Darcie is wearing her favorite spaghetti strap top. Their shared boyfriend must have given it to Darcie. Darcie laughs, but only for a moment, because Akira quickly rips the shirt off of Darcie. This exposes Ms. Dolce’s large natural tits and gives Akira better targets. Akira digs her sharp nails into Darcie’s bare flesh before yanking and twisting with a new fervor. Darcie screams loud enough for the neighbors to hear. With a crazy look in her eyes, she strips Akira until she is completely nude. The fighting devolves until both women are naked and biting and scratching. Akira begins to bite hard on Darcie’s crotch mound and only stops when Darcie starts up an impromptu pillow fight. Which woman will agree to give up and stop seeing their shared boyfriend? There is only one way to find out!

TOPLESS (ONE WRESTLER) CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – So eager to fight, two beautiful blondes of about the same size; Allayah Love and Alix Lynx both meet in the office to secure a deal on their next match and boy do they not like each other – so much is the dislike that when they are left alone a fight breaks out, they take tuns battering each other against the wall, slugs to both face and gut. Only when Mark reenters are they forced to stop their savage beating. Next we find them getting ready in the back room and boy are they in some sexy outfits that show off their sexy shapely legs, more trash talk and soon into the ring we go. A wild fight ensues where one uses her lethal legs to choke her victim and win the first fall, only to be faced with a fabulous butt in the second fall, yes, a hard deep face sit faces another fall to it’s finish. Kicking and slugs have both of these gorgeous blonds reeling, so savage they draw blood. Their sleek legs are accentuated by the black stocking and nylons as they use their legs as lethal weapons. Two amazing blondes that put on one hell of a show, and one is forced to do some real ass kissing !!!!

BIKINI CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Saharra Huxly is back, yes the big bruiser is looking for a new victim, I mean who the hell can have a chance against this big babe – Hollywood, that’s who, one of the best female wrestlers ever will take on this hulk and she is not a bit afraid, even after Huxly tells her how she loves to beat up beautiful blondes. Hollywood is ready she has fought all comers – wait, what is this, a test of strength has the sleek blonde in real trouble. Hollywood was not ready for this power, how can anyone be ready for the power of Huxly, soon the blonde is a rag doll and Saharra is her owner. Hollywood has never been tossed around a ring like this, bear hugs find her limbs flailing, her legs wrap around that thin waist and squeeze to suffocation, then battering in the corner and of course she picks her up and carries her all around the ring – she just loves playing with her rag doll. But wait is that a comeback, could our blonde really put a dent in the huge Huxly, could she hurt her, could she demean her or will the Hux just come back for even more annihilation – so much big beautiful dominance !!!!!


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