Hollywood vs. Susie

Time/Size: 26 min / 671 MB

Hollywood and Suzie Johnson spend very little time getting limber for their match. Rather, Hollywood rushes Suzie and puts her in a headlock. Suzie grunts as Hollywood stomps her way around the ring with her blonde prisoner in tow. Hollywood seems to effortlessly control the match. She fluidly switches from headlocks to arm locks to rear naked chokes. All the while, Suzie jerks and yelps as she tries to escape. Eventually, Suzie’s eyes close and she goes limp. Hollywood drops the body to the floor. She kicks Suzie in the side to wake her up. Suzie jumps to her feet and yanks Hollywood into a rear headlock. Hollywood elbows Suzie and then escapes via snapmare. This is about the extent of Suzie’s success in this match. The rest of the fight consists of Hollywood dismantling her smaller and weaker opponent. Hollywood seems to really enjoy wrapping up poor little Suzie like a pretzel. So if you are in the mood to watch a brunette legend put her pitiful blonde foe through a cruel torture session of wrestling holds, then you will love this fight.