Tylene vs. Prinzzess


Time/Size: 22 min / 551 MB

Prinzzess has her perky tits out for today’s photo shoot. She’s wearing a thong and thigh high panty hose. Her tight and tanned body flexes and stretches for the cameraman. Prinzzess takes this time to talk shit about her rival, Tylene Buck. Tylene has heard Prinzzess talking shit and decides to interrupt her photo shoot. She enters the ring wearing almost exactly the same outfit as Prinzzess. The women square off as their tits squeeze together. Tylene attacks first. She throws Prinzzess into the turnbuckle and begins gut slugging her. Tylene then drops Prinzzess to the mat. She sits on her face and begins to inflict a frontal wedgie. Prinzzess jumps to her feet and takes control. She bends Tylene backwards over the ropes and mauls Tylene’s giant tits. There is lots of great wedgie action in this fun video. At one point, Tylene completely removes Prinzzess’s thong and uses it to wedgie her. Since Prinzzess is now totally nude, Tylene starts to violently attack her crotch. Prinzzess follows suit and removes Tylene’s panties also. The two nude women spend most of the rest of the match riding each other’s faces with their bare crotches. This is a fun catfight between two very dirty blondes.

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