Victoria vs. Charlie

Time/Size: 19 min / 900 MB

Charlie Mancini and Victoria Marquez have had beef for a while now. In their last match, Charlie beat Victoria and won a hefty purse from the fight. She is all smiles as she struts around the ring. She makes some jokes at Victoria’s expense. However, all of that changes once Victoria enters the ring. The two women start fighting immediately. They kick off their high heels and start scrapping in nothing but black thongs, thigh high stockings, and garter belts. Charlie and Victoria both have exceptional figures. They have large breasts, tiny little waists, and plump asses. They jiggle and sway all across the ring as they slam and stretch each other’s perfect bodies. Victoria loves to attack Charlie’s perky tits. She forces her into the ropes and then takes her time as she scratches and pinches the squishy peach colored flesh. Charlie yelps incessantly, which seems to make Victoria’s smile grow larger. The only thing that stops Victoria’s smiling is when Charlie gains the upper hand. Charlie grabs a handful of Victoria’s undercarriage and uses it to walk her around the ring like a naughty puppy dog. These two women genuinely hate each other. Watching them try to inflict the most amount of pain possible is a site to cherish.

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