Francesca vs. Akira

Time/Size: 21 min / 5332 MB

Two of the best of all time; Francesca Le and Akira Lane, yes these are two of the best and both are in semi retirement – not sure when or if they will come back but for now they are battling in a real classic – a down and dirty nude catfight over the infamous Buck, yes ladies are fighting over Buck and this is no exception as both beauties find themselves dressed in the same short skirt and tight top that Buck bought them – this is just too much, they start to rip off the clothes and I do mean rip. Each top is ripped into pieces as they savagely yank till they expose their breasts to torment with fierce bites and clawing, nipples are trapped between sharp teeth then whole tits are stuffed into killer bites. But they aren’t satisfied with just breast destruction no these ladies want to go low, they rip off their short skirts so they can go after vulnerable pussies, can’t quite get there – ripped off are the nylons till both babes are nude, now they can get to those pussies and do they ever. My favorite is when both are on their knees and reach around and under to get a good painful grip on their pussies – then rip. This is non stop action as both of these nude cat fighters go wild on hair, breasts and pussies, even bites to all vulnerable spots. This is as wild as a catfight can get but what else do we expect from two of the all time greats !!!!!!

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