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Romi vs. Alix

Time/Size: 20 min / 472 MB

Romi Rain is being photographed in the DT wrestling ring. She jiggles her large breasts for the camera. She is wearing a pink thong and thigh high stockings. Romi keeps telling the cameraman that men only want luscious, full figured women. She laughs at the poor skinny girls like “that bitch Alix.” Alix Lynx overhears Ms. Rain’s rude comments. Alix jumps in the ring and confronts her big-mouthed foe. Alix is also wearing a small bikini and thigh high stockings. Where Romi is curvy with an hourglass figure, Alix is sleek and athletic. However, both women have large shapely breasts and both have them bared completely for the camera. Alix’s blonde hair is pulled back in French braids. Romi has a ponytail. Perhaps this is to better keep their hair away from their opponent’s yanking hands. Romi and Alix grab and pull ferociously on each other’s tiny bikinis. They scream endlessly from regular and frontal wedgies. The dangerously small bikini bottoms are eventually pulled off. This allows both women to claw and scratch at one another’s bare vagina. If you are in the mood to watch a curvy brunette take on a tight-bodied young blonde, then you are one click away from the perfect video.

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