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Keri Spectrum is topless and ready to show she can beat hell out of all these west coast girls, in the other corner we find a chiseled Jewell Marceau, she has been training and her body shows it. They both show off their amazing figures as they stretch, now Jewell may be in great shape but she also knows what a great fighter Keri is so she decides to gain an advantage – SHE CHEATS, yes when Keri turns her back while stretching Jewell sneaks behind her and slams a low blow. Keri is stunned and the brunette continues her attack as she chokes a seated Keri, not just a suffocating choke but while throttling her she punches her vulnerable breasts – she is so bent on destroying this sexy blonde. Jewell is wild and knows to never give the blonde a chance to breath, she goes from one hold to another and always she pounds on her beautiful breasts or her hard gut… on the mat, in the corner, over the ropes – she punches, chokes, stretches and in general beats hell out of poor Keri. Those breast punches while in the grapevine are so blistering, with each punch her knuckles flatten the chest flesh, a foot on her throat and a hand in her crotch, then into a figure four choke and then… this is one match poor Keri will never forget – and neither will you !!!!!!

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