Jewell Marceau VS Kianna Dior


DT-1405-02 / Time: 30 Minutes / Size: 698 MB

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Breasts, big breasts, big breast fighting and so much more – and who owns these large mammaries: Jewell Marceau and Kianna Dior, you know em and you love em. They love to fight and alway keep those chests out front – we start after both beauties have been in a fight for awhile, they have locked on to their sensitive nipples and we can see all the scratches on their soft flesh from the fight, they both pull back in pain. They message their sore breasts as they put their hair in pony tails, talking – both rip open the crotches in their pantyhose so they can get to their pussies and we are on – both say they can please a man, hell, they could please each other better and thus it begins: a sustained battle to see who can please the other better, hands rub pussies and fingers do their bidding till the girls take it to the floor for more. Now it’s crotches and breasts, they try to stimulate each other as they sit face to face – but still no decision so the girls move to a more dramatic sexual confrontation; tribbing. Oh yes, they slam those pussies together and rub for satisfaction as they stroke breasts to further the sensation… till yes, yes — they both explode, so still we have not finished the competition. Of course they go back to breasts. Standing, kneeling, with hands together and behind their backs they smash those big titties together, then rub them across each other but can we ever get to a conclusion – how long can they take this tit torture… only one way to find out — 30 minutes of breasts and crotches… what a way to relish time !!!!!


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