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Match 1 -Nothing like two super sexy babes punching themselves silly, and they don’t get much sexier than Alix Lynx and Kianna Dior. These two really go for it and surprise us all as to how much they can take and give as over and over they slam their fists into those sexy guts and they do this punching against the wall, on the floor, on the couch anywhere and any chance they get. Not just gut slugs, no these two also match their tits up for a lot of breast destruction with deep mauling and nipple pinching also some super tit slamming. But always back to that gut pounding, add in some breast smoothers and hair pulling and we have one hell of a cat fight. Oh and did I mention they manage to do this while keeping their heels on all the way through. Yes, nothing like two super sexy babes punching themselves silly, but add in the great breast action with the sexiest breasts around and we have one hell of a fun match !!!!!

Match 2 -So what happens when you take two of the toughest girls around that are about the same size and you let them go at it boxing – you get one of the best boxing bouts ever! Keri Spectrum and Star 9 have both proved how tough they are, both can take one hell of a beating and keep coming and both are able to dish out some awesome punishment, so we knew we were in for one classic brawl and we were not disappointed! There are no rounds, just fight till one is knocked out or can’t continue and these ladies beat the hell out of each other; super hard shots to the head, so may so their mouth guards kept being slammed out, over and over we had to put the guards back in and then decided to go to a different type of guard hoping it would stay in better. And if you think the heads get a work out wait till you see what they do to each others guts… non stop slammin’ and so hard you will be amazed they can continue. When they’re this tough it takes a lot to win because neither of these ladies wants to give – some of the hardest blasts we have seen and over and over till finally one warrior can take no more! Two of the toughest make this one of the best ever!!!!!

Match 3 -Jamie Lynn has been waiting for a very late Misty Stone to arrive for their match. She is fed up and begins to complain to the camera about how “rude and disrespectful” Misty is. This is right when Misty shows up. She is furious to hear what Jamie has to say. Misty tells Jamie to apologize. When Jamie refuses, Misty forces the apology out of the now meek Jamie. Once Ms. Stone has gotten her apology she has the taste for blood and cannot stop herself. Multiple kicks to Jamie’s soft tummy sends Misty into a fit of mad delight. She rips Jamie Lynn’s top open, grabbing handfuls of titty, and throws her to the ground. Jamie cries and whimpers as she cowers and scurries across the ring. Fortunately, none of this deters the wrath of Misty, creating one of the most satisfying domination matches in the DT cannon.


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