Jewell Marceau vs Kianna Dior


DT-1408-02 / Time: 30 Minutes / Size: 676 MB

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Thirty minutes of big beautiful breasts brought to you by the owners of those breasts: Jewell Marceau and Kianna Dior, we see by the scratches on their breasts and the holes in their hose they have been fighting for awhile but they are by no means done. They still both want the same young man they have been flirting with, as they talk they flick each others sore tits – each flick shakes their breast flesh. From below we get great views of those tortured tits as from painful flicks they up the pain to slaps… now the breasts really get to jiggling as each slap gets harder and harder. This is a super breast match so the slapping goes to gouging, pulling, pinching… so sore are their hefty bosoms they have to stop for some therapeutic rubbing. They would like to stop the fight but they just can’t help themselves, it’s like their extensive chests have magnets in them – they are soon banging hard into each other, breast to breast they slam causing the flesh to smash together pancaking the supple breasts, to the ground they go allowing each to really drop on the other with authority for some heavy breast banging. Finally they rip those torn nylons off and take a break on the breasts as they latch on to their vulnerable pussies – hard they squeeze as neither will yield. But they are by no means done with those big boobies, no they have so much more torture in store for that chest flesh… so get ready because these big beauties can both give it and take it !!!!!!


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