Kymberly Jane vs. Jewell Marceau


DT 1409-02 / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 555 MB

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Oh boy, two of your favorite wild women, Kymberly Jane and Jewell Marceau and we all know how wild these ladies are, even worse when they are fighting over a guy. Buck is at it again, he’s invited both of these fierce babes to a costume party and immediately they start to argue about their costumes and Jewell being the bull fighter challenges Kym who immediately charges her, the bull misses her target and is set upon by the bull fighter… we are off to one hell of a wild nude match. They tug and pull on these sexy costumes till they are ripped from their incredible bodies and now begins the catfight that only two ladies with their energy can produce. Most of you know these ladies but I believe this is the first time they have ever fought, so get ready because nothing is out of bounds with these two, they crawl like cats and pounce biting both tits and pussies. Soon both are nude but Kym keeps her cowboy hat on, or at least for awhile. Naked they go crazy on each other; in the corner they gouge and bite, on the canvas they take turns holding each other down and devouring pussies and tits – a great 69 position for real pussy destruction. Two of our all time favorite wild women doing it all to each other— ENJOY !!!!!