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Match 1 – We can never get enough of great catfights, new girls can be so much fun when they get wild and let loose, Summer Day can really get wild, she is one hot blonde and ready to prove it. Oh and if you really want a blonde to get wild put her in with a crazy brunette, like Erika Jordan – yes these two are ready to rip off their tops just so they can rip off each others tits – and you get to watch. In the usual sexy short skirts, nylons and heels these lady like cat fights have become the signatures of what great catfights should be; lots of wild hair pulling, cat ball rolling on the floor with their sexy legs intertwined and of course the breasts and we all know how these tits are dealt with: lots of squeezing, pinching, and in general hard core mauling. Pretty face and long legs, but with an engine ready to roar, that’s Summer Day – the blonde that can battle all day, and of course we all know Erika is always game to rip the tits off of any opponent. You love em, we keep bringing em – because we can never get enough of great cat fights !!!!!

Match 2 – We so love having Jewell back because Jewell Marceau has attitude! Oh yes she does and Alix Lynx is about to be on the wrong end of that attitude, the svelte blonde is soaking up her time as she models for a photo shoot while the brunette impatiently waits her turn – finally she can take no more. Jewell decides to show this little upstart how destruction was in the old days, and the woman handling begins. From behind she takes the lithe blonde as she savages her large breasts, they look large because her body is so slim and taught – then to a full nelson so she can stretch that body out, really show off those ribs. This is only the beginning of a marathon annihilation, to the wall for chokes, slugs, crotch grabs and of course back on those firm breasts. Then to the couch and floor where the lean blonde is stretched and slammed, her ribs almost jutting out of her creamy white skin, and all the while her heels stay on making her look even even more sexy, if that’s possible. And the great Jewell has saved the best till last as she has an apparatus that spread eagles Alix across the doors, now in total control the brunette gets so sexy in her domination mode as she breaks out the cat of nine tails whip and has her way with her destroyed victim. Go get em Jewell – Alix will never forget this photo shoot !!!!!

Match 3 – Topless and ready to rumble; Christy Stevens and Kimberly Jane – they hold the cards up with their stats, then deploy to the center of the ring for some leg wrestling where their beautiful limbs slam together to see who can overturn her foe. Then for the match and Kym’s trash talking is cut short by a vicious slug to the gut, and then oh she didn’t – yes she did, Christy body slams Kym hard to the mat. Kym is not only hurt but shocked as she never thought Christy was strong enough to lift her let alone body slam her… but don’t think curvy Kym is going to take this lying down, no, she gets up and shows the blonde she can do a big body slam of her own. Now we have a fight, both girls square off for one wild match full of body shaking body slams, airplane spins and of course lots of breast attacks – both of these ladies have such inviting breasts, so soft and squishy, so inviting to sink their fingers deep into the meat of these mounds of fleshy delight. Each takes her turn pinning and getting pinned, slugging and getting slugged – from round to round we have great slams and breast attacks as the blonde and the red head give it their all – so much fun with wild warriors on full attack mode. Topless and ready to rumble they will booby smash and body slam their way into your hearts !!!!!


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