Tylene Buck vs. Misty Stone


DT-1408-03 / Time: 25 Minutes / Size: 584 MB

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You want the black and white of it, we got it — Tylene Buck vs. Misty Stone, two of our favorites because they are so entertaining – they give their all, and their all is one hell of a lot. Tylene never looked so sleek and white, this girl doesn’t see the sun but she takes one hell of a photo which has the spicy Misty angry… she is not happy all the photos going to this sexy blonde. A fight ensues and Tylene uses her experience to dominate early with some body splitting wedgies, first up Misty’s sweet pussy, then she turns her to wedgie that brown ass and we are treated to one hell of great butt view. Now dominating Misty Stone early is not always the best idea because eventually this tuff beauty is going to have a come back and when she does – well you guessed it, there will be pay back, and that pay back comes with a vengeance only the great Misty can produce, you will feel the wedges when she pulls them, hell, she even uses her teeth in one wedgie. It becomes a back and forth battle where both babes end up naked, now in the corners they go after nipples and breasts then to the canvas for some devastating crotch torture as they claw those tender centers. These aren’t just two of our most beautiful babes, but two of the most compelling… SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH, you will want it to go on forever !!!!!!


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