Tylene Buck vs. Misty Stone


DT 1410-01 / Time: 24 Minutes / Size: 587 MB

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Tylene Buck and Misty Stone are at it again, not long ago they had a wedgie nude match and it was very even but this time both are determined to dominate the other and not just dominate but embarrass the hell out of her victim. Tylene gets first control and really goes to town on Misty’s ripe breasts, Misty is in real pain but eventually she gets control and doesn’t plan on relinquishing it… this is the beginning of the end for poor Tylene, for awhile Misty is content just to destroy the gorgeous blonde but soon is bored with destruction and moves to humiliation and what better way then finding all kinds of painful holds that show off her feminine center. Yes she strips her, everything except those sexy black stockings, then goes to town on her vulnerable pussy, severe matchbooks from all kinds of angles, over under and around the ropes and stretching holds on the canvas that go way too far… poor Tylene is begging for mercy but the black beauty knows only payback. Tylene’s middle has never been so aired out and exposed not only severe torment but also ultimate shame !!!!!!