Jewell Marceau vs. Serene Siren


DT 1418-02 / Time: 24 Minutes / Size: 576 MB


You want rag doll dominance, then this is the perfect one for you. Serene Siren is practicing her yoga in just her panties and it is so sexy watching this sleek blonde beauty stretch those long lean muscular arms behind her back, deeper and deeper she dips them as her muscles slightly bulge and her breasts jut out, then her legs are bent and stretched – could watch this all day but we are interrupted by Jewell Marceau. Now it seems Jewell by no means agrees with me, she doesn’t want to watch this beautiful creature at all, she is sick of seeing Serene show off her amazing figure and plans on teaching her a lesson, she unleashes her new found pressure point attack causing poor Serene to become paralyzed, helpless to stop the wild brunette as she has her way with all of Serene and I do mean all. Jewell starts with her perky nipples, as she pulls and twists to the anguish of poor Serene, adding more pressure points to the whole breast – next on to her gut with slugs and slaps and more pressure points. The whole body gets this treatment, not content Jewell strips Serene’s panties off so she has a nude toy, she makes her suck the brunettes wonderful large breasts and then her feet and she has so much more in store for her suffering rag doll — yes without a doubt this is the ultimate in rag doll dominance !!!!!