Gianna Grey vs. Vivian Fox

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Catfight Match

DT-1546HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 501 MB

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Can we handle another new beauty at DT, we have so many it’s getting hard to keep track of them all, but you will just have to tax your brains a bit because here she comes: Gianna Grey, one super hot babe who enjoys a good roll on the canvas – she is just off of her covergirl appearance for Playboy.  She is in against another relative newbie: Vivian Fox, she has only had a few matches but such a joy to watch with her super long legs and sleek firm body.  They are in one of those fun wedgie matches and to our delight they start out topless with mini school girl skirts that show off their great legs and butts.  Gianna shows she is up for this battle as she strikes first driving Vivian to the corner and pulling those long erect nipples on Viv’s fabulous chest, then down to her pussy where a wedgie separates her sweet pussy lips.  To the canvas where they both crawl to our delight as asses are accentuated and Gianna gains total control for more wedgie, breast and pussy fun until Vivian turns the tables and now she pulls the cloth hard into Gianna’s pussy and ass, these wedgies have her squirming and writhing and it gets even worse when Vivian goes after her desirable breasts, these brown mounds of sweet flesh swaying as the nipples are tweaked.  How striking when these babes are nude, their beautiful bodies accentuated as their heels stay on for the whole match.  Once nude they crank it up and pussies are now pinched to the groans of compressed pain and boy does Gianna catch on, she bends Viv over the top rope to gain full access to her pussy, she spreads Viv’s ass checks then vise grips her pussy — what a view.  It’s a great back and forth match showing off all the talents of both beauties.  So come on, welcome this new gorgeous brown babe, GIANNA GREY –  she is ready to show off her stuff for DT !!!!!!