Miranda vs. Lana

Bikini Catfight Match

16 Min – 399MB – Standard Download


This match begins mid fight, Lana Violet is sitting with Miranda locked between her legs while Lana is trying to choke Miranda unconscious. Both of these tight bodied Asians are looking very tasty in their bright bikinis. Lana thinks she has Miranda finished, but Miranda kicks out of Lana’s hooks and does a somersault to take Lana’s back. Lana is completely stunned, which allows Miranda to lock in a body scissors. Lana fights it for a while but once her eyes start to bulge, she taps and the first round goes to Miranda. Lana staggers to her feet and challenges Miranda to a boxing match for their next round. The women put their gloves on and the bell rings. Miranda seems even more in control while throwing leather. Lana takes a mean shot to the ribs that drops her to the mat and Miranda school girl pins her to add insult to injury. The ten count sounds and Miranda is feeling invincible, but she gets a little too cocky for her own good. Be careful of a Lana backed into a corner; Lana has nothing to lose so she swings for the fences, and leaves Miranda out on her feet as she falls to the mat. Lana giggles as she sits on Miranda’s chest. Will Lana complete this upset or has Miranda built up too much of a lead?


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