Erika vs. Sarah 

Nude Match

20 Min – 481MB – Standard Download


Erika Jordan and Sarah Brooke fought earlier in the day and Erika won a decisive victory. They are fighting for a second time, in the same day! This might be a first for Double Trouble, but Sarah was adamant that she needed this fight as soon as possible and that there was “no chance” she could lose again. Erika agreed immediately with a big smile on her face. The bell rings and the ladies drop their satin robes, revealing their perfect nude bodies. Erika lunges at Sarah and pushes her into the turnbuckle. She opens her mouth wide and bites down hard on Sarah’s perky right nipple. Sarah howls; she can’t believe that Erika is such a dirty fighter. She shoves the dirty blonde off of her as she changes level and dives head first into Erika’s crotch. Erika screams bloody murder as Sarah bites her crotch and rips her head side to side. This match has devolved into an animalistic and brutal contest, only a truly depraved female fighting fan would want to watch these two women tear each other apart. I’m sure none of our clientele would fit that description… but just in case you are interested, I’ll leave this video here for you.


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