Nicole vs Kimora

Topless Ring Wrestling Catfight Match

20 Min –  Standard Download


Here they are – the two hottest new girls. This is the future of DT and what a fabulous future it is, you will believe me when you see these two: Nicole Aria and Kimora Quin. Kimora has done some matches and everyone loves her and why not she is a tall Asian, beautiful with a body that will not stop, Nicole came to us from our friends at Femfighters, they raved about her and said she was eager to wrestle. Two gorgeous lades that just love to get in the ring and roll, yes they love fighting and they love female flesh, so get your first look at these sizzling hot babes. So much fun watching new girls that so want to impress, they aren’t sure what to do all the time but are eager to do anything and everything. They lock up and we are treated to a sustained test of strength where both ladies are forced down, and this is quite a feat considering how tall Kimora is, finally Nicole gets Kimora in a body scissors and uses her strong tan legs to squeeze that amazing lean Asian but Kimora reverses then mounts Nicole and while riding her she strips her top off. Soon both babes are topless, now we see how wonderful these figures really are. Back and forth they choke, scissors and roll until a standing head scissors finally ends this newbie battle. See em in their freshest state and get ready because both of these beauties are here to stay – the future is now!!!!!!


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