MIXED MATCH – Erin Everheart vs Chris Epic



HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless mixed match domination

MM-045 / Time: 20 Minutes / 474 MB

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You want to mix it up – I mean really mix it up, THEN THIS IS THE ONE! This is one wild mixed match between Chris Epic, a big strong guy and Erin Everheart, a tall, lean, red haired beauty. Erin is new to DT but trust me you will be seeing a lot more of her, this beauty is so full of energy and toughness – just ask Chris as she wears the hell out of him, yes he is stronger but over time energy trumps strength. Chris takes off her top and chokes her with it, but she comes back and sits on him squeezing his balls for good measure. He picks her up high and cradles her as her long red braid drops in his face, she puts him in a killer head scissors where he gets a great view of her gorgeous ass. He bearhugs her, she rides him, he drops her on the top rope, she schoolgirl pins him – back and forth, constant action. This is a great mix match but most of all, welcome a great new lady to DT – ERIN EVERHEART !!!!!!


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