Cassie Del Isla, Serene Siren and London River

Nude, Ring Slugging Match

19 Min –  Standard Download

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Now this is a contest – a contest full of hits and beauty – so get ready. And what beauty: Cassie Del Isla, Serene Siren and London River – now that’s some beauty, and the hits, well it’s a contest to see who can take the most and give the most, each lady gets three shots then another takes her turn. First the ladies introduce themselves and take off their tops, then they knuckle up and let loose. Big busty London starts off bashing Serene but not getting really good blows, she doesn’t have her swing yet but when the blonde gets her turn she winds up and has the curvaceous babe on her heels and soon Cassie comes to the rescue. Now these two do some battering and each is in trouble, these are head spinning blows and also some gut folding slams and Cassie ups the ante when she plays with Serene’s tits then pulls her bottoms off – nudity is now in the game. Soon all three beauties are naked and all staggering as the hits just keep on coming. London shakes her big breasts with each blow and Cassie clenches that amazing butt as she slams and those blonde locks never slow down but Serene does. Watching these amazing bodies fly from blows, get tangled in the ropes, roll across the canvas and in general get rocked till they lie sprawled out on the mat, except for one – she gets to play with their breasts then flex her arms in victory. What a contest — hits full of beauty !!!!!!


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