Skylar vs. Miranda

Bikini Dommination Match

24 Min –  Standard Download

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Miranda is wearing a naughty school girl outfit and she is surprising her boyfriend with some erotic fun. As she waits for her boyfriend to show up, she is attacked from behind by Skylar Rene, the woman who is married to the man that Miranda is there to hook up with. Skylar is obviously bigger and stronger than the petite Asian Miranda. She slams Miranda into the bedroom wall and then puts her foot on Miranda’s neck as she slowly slides down the wall until she is slumped on the floor. Miranda is passed out, but that doesn’t stop Skylar from putting her in a triangle and every time Miranda is about to black out, Skylar punches her in the face and brings her back awake. Skylar is so happy to be torturing Miranda. She uses the bottom of her feet to smother Miranda’s pretty face. Skylar has some impressively powerful thighs and ass and she puts them to good use as she head-scissors poor Miranda until her eyes are nearly popping out of her head. Skylar isn’t done yet though, she drags her barely conscious victim into the ring and ties her hands up with some fetish metal rigging. Skylar nearly reaches climax as she chokes Miranda until she passes out and drool leaks from her open mouth.


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